Monday 12th September 2022

All persons, including co-ownership associations (for flying freehold properties) and companies (for share transfer properties) who occupy houses, lands, and other properties, alongside the public roads in the parish are notified, in accordance with the requirements of the Loi (1914) sur la Voirie, that the second Visite du Branchage of the year will take place in St Saviour ON MONDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 2022 

All such persons must:

(a) cut forthwith the overhanging branches growing from their properties along those public roads in such a way that there is a height of 12 feet free beneath the branches over the entire width of those roads (including their “reliefs”) and a height of 8 feet free over the footpaths; and

(b) remove the branches that have been cut off as well as brambles, weeds and all other obstructions and deleterious matter that encroach on the public road or footpath.

Persons who fail to comply with these requirements shall be liable to an administrative penalty not exceeding £100 for each infringement.

More information on the Branchage can be found here

Kevin Lewis

Connétable                            22 August 2022