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Recycling and Waste ServicesSèrvices d’Èrcycliéthie et d’Salop’thies

Kerbside Recycling and General Waste Services


Following a Parish Assembly held on 19 August 2019 at the Parish Hall a proposal to introduce a Kerbside Recycling Service scheme in St Saviour was discussed with 89% of Parishioners in attendance voting in favour.  A fortnightly scheme was commenced on 01 October 2019.

Reduce waste, reuse, recycle more

It’s important to recycle as much as we can and to put as little waste into our rubbish bins as possible. As well as saving money, recycling also reduces energy, water usage and helps preserve finite resources globally.

Recycling is important, but better yet, is working to minimise the waste we produce in the first place. We can each make a difference through:

  • buying smart and buying less
  • reusing and donating products
  • repairing items
  • upcycling

From getting broken items repaired to giving old clothes to charities, are some of the ways we can help reduce waste. We all have a part to play in what happens with our waste and the things we don’t use anymore.

  • Kerbside recycling will be collected from your doorstep twice monthly by our dedicated recycling team, please make sure your rubbish and recycling is out before 7 am, on the day of your collection.

    Method of collection (all in one bag)

    The present method for collecting Kerbside Recycling in St Saviour (all in one bag) allows residents to recycle in one bag, mixed paper and cardboard, plastics bottles (including toiletry bottles, household bottles and plastic lids) together with household tins.

    Our collection is easy to use, cost effective to operative , minimises waste and aims to raise awareness on how important recycling is.

    Please do not put the clear recycling bags out until your collection is due. Non-recyclables are to be put in your weekly black bags and placed into your bin.

    If you would like to recycle in between collections, please bring your recycling bags to the Recycling Centre at the Parish Depot in Rue de Pres trading estate.

    For more information please, call us on 01534 735864 or email us on [email protected]

    When’s my collection?

    Your recycling will be collected twice a month, to find out dates of your collection, please see our recycling calendar below.

    For more information on ‘acceptance criteria’, please click below


  • Your waste is your responsibility, this applies if you are a business or a household.

    Mixed recycling – place in your recycling bag or bin with the decal logo showing mixed Recycling.

    Our recycling bags are made from recycled material and are also recyclable.

    Mixed recycling is sorted into separate materials at a sorting centre – located at the Parish of St Helier. After being taken to St Helier, the recycling is then exported to France for processing.

    Acceptance Criteria: 

    YES PLEASE: Books | Cardboard | Catalogues | Directories | Yellow pages | Drink cans | Envelopes | Food cans | Junk mail | Magazines & newspaper | Metal bottle & jar lids (put in loose) | Paper & shredded paper (e.g office type paper)|  Plastic bottles (water, detergent, toiletry bottles) & plastic bottle tops | Foil & foil trays | Wrapping paper & greeting cards (not the shiny type).

    NO THANKS:  Crisp packets | Disposable nappies | Food waste (e.g. kitchen scraps) | Light bulbs | Polystyrene | Textiles | Non-recyclable rubbish | Glass bottles & jars | Cardboard milk & juice cartons | Margarine or yoghurt tubs | Plastic tea | coffee cups | Cotton wool products | Plastic meat or vegetable trays | Aerosols | Bread bags | Blac.

    Recycling finder:

    A – Z (LINK:


    Cardboard: is delivered to a paper mill called “Allard”, South of Le Mans, they make large rolls of brown paper which is used in the remanufacture of cardboard by gluing several laminates together.

    Light card and paper mix: – is delivered to Norpaper in Nantes, a paper mill that produces rolls of brown paper with a white top similar to cardboard remanufacture as above.

    Steel:is delivered to FMGC in Soudan (NW near Chateaubriant), where they produce forklift counterweights

    Aluminium:is delivered to Fonderie d’Anjou near Angers, where they melt the material and this is used widely for part manufacture.

    PET (polyethylene terephthalate):  is delivered to FRP (France PlastiqueRecyclage) in the town of Limay (between Rouen and Versailles), A flake is made from the old bottle that is used directly to reproduce new bottles.

    Recycling Centres

    Recycling Centres or bring banks are open for use at all times and monitored by the Parish of St Saviour. For more information on collection and facilities, please visit Government of Jersey, ‘Household recycling’ and website page on what materials can be recycled.

    Map of Recycling Centres

    Your efforts play a huge part in our bit for the planet. Thank you and please keep up the great work


  • Our refuse and recycling collections are monitored and analysed on a monthly basis in order to measure and evaluate our performance, set targets and report.

    Such data is also used to verify our compliance with future waste policies set by Government of Jersey in order to meet the Islands Recycling targets.

  • St Saviour offers a kerbside glass collection service for glass bottles and jars. Your glass collection will be once a month, either with ‘week 1’ collection or ‘week 3’ collection.

    Please see the below calendar for your glass collection dates.

    You will need your own clearly labelled glass bin; we recommend a wheelie bin as these can hook on to the mechanical lift on the glass truck and are much safer for the glass collectors to empty.

    What is and is not recyclable 

    Glass can only be recycled if it’s free from all other materials, including plastic bags. Before recycling your glass bottles and jars, you should:

    • rinse them
    • remove corks, caps or lids
    • remove plastic labels (paper labels can be left on)
    • You can recycle broken glass bottles and jars.

    Do not throw away glass in your general waste because it cannot be processed at the Energy from Waste facility. Glass will melt during the incineration process, cool and then set. It must be removed manually and can cause severe mechanical problems.

    You cannot put certain types of glass in your glass bin. We don’t collect:

    • lightbulbs
    • flat glass (for example, mirrors, windows or sheet glass)
    • ceramics and crockery (for example, cups or plates)


    Where does our glass go?

    All the glass that you recycling in Jersey gets recycled. The glass is collected from glass bins around the island and is taken to the recycling contractor at La Collette to be sorted, this is because a lot of the glass that is collected is mixed up with other items in the glass bins.

    Watch a short clip to find out where your glass goes



  • Your general refuse will be collected once a week

    You will need your own wheelie or regular bin to leave outside your home for collection.

    You can purchase bins from several retailers across the Island, we recommend wheelie bins as these can hook onto the mechanical lift on the refuse truck and are much safer for the refuse collectors to empty.

    Items we won’t collect

    You cannot leave large or hazardous items for collection with your household waste such as:

    • furniture
    • mattresses
    • large household appliances
    • televisions and electrical goods
    • solvent-based paints and chemicals

To find out when your recycling and general waste collections are due, please click on the ‘Recycling Calendar’ and ‘Collection Calendar by Road Name‘.

Please ensure all refuse, recycling and glass is put out for 7 am on your collection day.

We hope you will find your recycling scheme convenient and easy to use!

Thank you for your co-operation.