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Recycling and Waste ServicesSèrvices d’Èrcycliéthie et d’Salop’thies

Introduction of Kerbside Recycling Scheme in St. Saviour

Following a Parish Assembly held on 19 August 2019 at the Parish Hall a proposal to introduce a Kerbside Recycling Service scheme in St Saviour was discussed. I can confirm that 89% of Parishioners in attendance voted in favour.

It was vitally important that the Parish of St Saviour and its Parishioners begin recycling to help our local environment.

The Scheme allows parishioners to recycle in one bag, mixed paper and cardboard, plastics bottles (including toiletry bottles, household bottles and plastic lids) together with household tins. For more information please refer to the leaflet provided with this recycling pack.

Kerbside recycling will be collected from your doorstep once every 2 weeks by the Recycling Team of St Saviour. Please ensure that cans bottles, tubs and trays are rinsed and placed in one bag. Please do not put the clear recycling bags out until your collection is due. Non-recyclables are to be put in your weekly black bags and placed into your bin. If you would like to recycle in between collections please bring your recycling bags to the Recycling Centre at the Parish Depot in Rue de Pres trading estate.

For more information please refer to the enclosed leaflet, ring us on 01534 735864 or email us on [email protected].

We hope you will find your recycling scheme convenient and easy to use!

Please refer to the planner below to confirm when collection is due in your vicinity or business.

Please ensure all refuse, recycling and glass are put out for 7am on your collection days.

Thank you for your co-operation.