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Payment FormForme dé Paiethie

This page is for making payments to the parish using a credit or debit card.

This form below should not be used for payment of Parish Rates or online Driving Licence renewals.

It can however, be used for the purposes named below. Please be sure to use the correct reference in the reference field on the form to help us reconcile your payment.

Type of PaymentReference
Parking PenaltyPlease insert [B] or [C] followed by the [ticket number]
Example: [B2021 or C1456]
Dog Licence
Please insert [HolderID]
Example: [HolderID270] (Form required for new applications)
Parish Hall EnquiryPlease insert [M] followed by the [case number]
Example: [M4567]
Sunday Trading PermitPlease insert [shop or business name]
Example [Retailstore]
Fire ArmsPlease insert [firearms certificate number]
Example [firearmsCN270]

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