Ukraine Appeal – Ukraine week

Jersey has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the people of Ukraine since the invasion began

on 24th of February. Starting with a candlelit vigil in Royal Square, we have raised and

distributed almost £2.3m of assistance, including essential medical supplies, ballistic vests

and helmets for front-line medics, incubators for premature babies, and mine-clearance

training courses for Ukrainian women. The Island has also collected and sent 15 lorry-loads

of donations and supplied 200 surplus oxygen concentrators from Jersey’s hospital.

The Parish are proud to have been a part of this acting as a ‘drop off’ point for Islanders donations, our staff also donated £260 worth of sleeping bags and toiletries and as our late Connétable, Sadie, wished, all the proceeds from the sale of the Parish ‘Platinum Jubilee’ pin badges, a total of £567.42, was donated to the Bailiffs Ukraine fund.

Ukraine week

Now, a small team, together with the Bailiff, JOA and JSBS are planning a week of fund-raising events during the week 21st August to 27th August, this is to coincide with Ukraine’s national Day on 24th August.

Information regarding the forthcoming events can be found on the JOA’s website and .