Roads Inspector Vacancies

Be the Eyes of St Saviour: Become a Roads Inspector in Jersey!

Role Overview: The position of Roads Inspector in Jersey represents a key aspect of our community’s infrastructure and safety. This vital role ensures that our roads are in optimal condition, are safe for use, and meet the necessary standards set by the parish and greater Jersey community.

Key Responsibilities Include:

•              Conducting regular inspections of roads, pathways, and related infrastructure.

•              Identifying potential hazards, wear and tear, or areas in need of repair or maintenance.

•              Collaborating with the Roads Committee to prioritize and address identified issues.

•              Providing detailed reports and recommendations based on inspections.

•              Ensuring roadworks and maintenance projects comply with safety and quality standards.

Why It Matters:

The roads and pathways of St Saviour aren’t just functional—they’re symbolic of our commitment to safety, order, and excellence. As a Roads Inspector, you’ll be the first line of defence against potential hazards, ensuring that our residents can travel safely and efficiently. Your meticulous eye for detail and commitment to quality will be the driving force behind a safer, more efficient St Saviour.

Your Contribution:

Stepping into the role of Roads Inspector means you’re not only safeguarding our roads but also the lives of the countless individuals who use them daily. Through your thorough assessments and keen observations, you’ll be contributing to a legacy of safety, orderliness, and pride in our community.

Become the Difference:

If you possess a keen eye for detail, a dedication to safety, and a desire to serve the community, the role of Roads Inspector awaits. This isn’t just a job; it’s a commitment to upholding the standards and safety of St Saviour.

Ready to Serve?

Contact Marco on [email protected] to delve deeper into this critical role and to discuss how you can become an instrumental figure in ensuring the safety and excellence of St Saviour’s roads.

Please note this is a voluntary position

Closing date: 12th November 2023