Roads Committee Vacancies

Join a Legacy of Service: Become a Roads Committee Member in Jersey!

Role Overview:

The Roads Committee Member in St Saviour is not just a title—it’s a commitment. This esteemed position represents a dedication to ensure the safety, efficiency, and upkeep of our parish roads. As part of the committee, you will participate in critical decision-making processes, evaluate the conditions and requirements of the roads, and work towards creating a smoother, safer commute for every resident.

Key Responsibilities Include:

•              Collaborating with other members to discuss, plan, and implement road improvements.

•              Addressing road safety concerns to protect the welfare of our residents.

•              Evaluating and responding to feedback from parish residents regarding road conditions and related issues.

•              Overseeing road maintenance projects and ensuring their timely and effective completion.

Why It Matters:

The roads in St Saviour are more than just tarmac—they are the lifelines that connect our homes, schools, businesses, and communities. As a Roads Committee Member, your contribution directly impacts the quality of life for our residents. Every decision made, every project undertaken, ensures that our parish remains safe, accessible, and vibrant. Your role is pivotal in ensuring the daily commute of countless individuals is hassle-free, making you an unsung hero in the lives of many.

Your Contribution:

By joining the Roads Committee, you’re not just filling a vacancy; you’re stepping into a legacy of service, commitment, and community care. Your expertise, passion, and dedication will ensure St Saviour remains a place where roads are more than just routes—they’re a testament to the community’s collective effort and pride.

Take the Step:

If you’re ready to make a significant difference and be an integral part of our community’s future, we want to hear from you.


Contact Marco on [email protected] for further details and to express your interest in joining this pivotal role in St Saviour’s community development.

Please note all Roads Committee roles are voluntary

Closing date: 12th November 2023