Recycling Services – Increased levels of Contaminants

Statement from Connétable Le Sueur-Rennard

I write to inform Parishioners that I have recently been made aware by our recycling partner “St Helier” that there has been a significant increase of contaminants such as cleaning wipes, tissues and used masks picked up on our recycling collections. These should never be disposed of in your recycling bin.

Cleaning wipes, tissues and used masks

Not only are they non-recyclable, wipes can spoil any other material they come into contact with. They also have to be removed by hand once they reach the sorting facility, which is both unpleasant and unhygienic (especially at this time) for the person doing the picking.

Such consumables should always be thrown out with your general waste and never disposed of in your recycling bag.

Failure to adhere to this request may result in the suspension of our services.

What can Parishioners do to help?

As a Parishioner it is your responsibility to make sure that the right items are going in the correct bins. We know it can be confusing, so we’ve put together our top tips to help you get the most out of your recycling;

  • Recycling should be clean and dry, so make sure to empty food and drink containers, give them a quick rinse and then leave to drain before recycling.
  • Remember to put lids back on to plastic tubs and bottles before popping them in your recycling bin.
  • Don’t forget to recycle items from all rooms in the house – cleaning product bottles, toilet roll tubes and kitchen foil included.

I understand these are difficult times for all of us, but by working together and abiding by our recycling guidelines I believe we can continue to provide this valuable service to our parishioners.

Sadie Le Sueur- Rennard

Connétable of St Saviour