ROYAL potato growing competition for OCCUPATION VIPs

Occupation VIPs are again invited to take part in the Genuine Jersey, Jersey Royal potato growing competition.

An event for Occupation VIPs was held for the first time in 2022 following a proposal from the Parish Connétables as part of the Liberation events.

This is an annual competition which challenges various groups, including the Connétables, to grow the heaviest crop and greatest number of Jersey Royal new potatoes using a ‘growing kit’.

An ‘Occupation VIP’ is a person who was either resident in Jersey during the Occupation, evacuated, deported or who served in the forces at that time.

Anyone born on or before 9 May 1945 who meets one of these criteria and who wishes to take part should contact the Parish by Friday 26th January 2024 to register to take part.

The Genuine Jersey, Jersey Royal potato growing kits will be distributed in February 2024 and the weigh-in will be on Tuesday 14th May 2024.

Please contact the Parish Hall on 735864 or [email protected] if you would like to enter