The Parish collects household glass once a month for recycling. Please see the recycling calendar to find out the dates of your collection.

You will need your own clearly labelled glass bin; this must be a wheelie bin as these are much safer for the glass collectors to empty – These can be provided by the Parish FREE of charge, please contact us on 735864 or [email protected] if you would like a glass bin.

Glass can only be recycled if it’s free from all other materials, including plastic bags. Before recycling your glass bottles and jars, you should:

  • rinse them
  • remove corks, caps or lids
  • remove plastic labels (paper labels can be left on)
  • You can recycle broken glass bottles and jars.

We cannot collect lightbulbs, flat glass such as mirrors, windows and sheet glass, electronic/electrical goods and ceramics such as plates and cups. These items can be taken to the Household Reuse and Recycling Centre at La Collette.

Do not throw away glass in your general rubbish bin as it cannot be processed at the Energy Recovery Facility. Glass will melt during the incineration process, cool and then set. It must be removed manually and can cause severe mechanical problems.

Where does your glass go?

Your glass is taken to the recycling contractor at La Collette. Here it can made into an aggregate material and some is sent to the UK for processing at a glass recycling facility.