Recycling is St Saviour – What happens if you put the wrong items in your bin?


Everybody makes mistakes and we appreciate that, but it is really important that we only collect the correct items in the correct bags. If we don’t our processing partner cannot deal with it and it can damage other items meaning they cannot be recycled and ultimately costs us.

We take a pro-active stance on reducing the wrong items in our scheme [contamination], this is done through stickers on BAGS.

Our collection crews reject and tag BAGS if they have the wrong items in, Bags will not be collected if they are not used correctly.

This is applied throughout the Parish and protects all residents who do their bit.


Glass can only be recycled if it’s free from all other materials, including plastic bags. Before recycling your glass bottles and jars, you should:

•              rinse them

•              remove corks, caps or lids

•              remove plastic labels (paper labels can be left on)

•              You can recycle broken glass bottles and jars.

We cannot collect lightbulbs, flat glass such as mirrors, windows and sheet glass, electronic/electrical goods and ceramics such as plates and cups. These items can be taken to the Household Reuse and Recycling Centre at La Collette.

If your glass bin contains something that can’t be recycled with glass, or if your bin doesn’t quite meet health and safety standards, a tag may be placed on your bin.

Please kindly remove the incorrect items from your glass bin and place it out for your next collection.

If you require a new wheelie bin for your glass, please contact our customer services team on 735864 or [email protected]