August – Street, Road Works, Delays & Closures

The Parish recognises that roadworks can cause inconvenience, and it is hoped that this information helps to minimise delays and other problems associated with the works.

This notification is regularly updated, and every effort will be made to provide accurate and up-to-date information. Understandably plans can sometimes change, and it is; for this reason we recommend you regularly visit the webpage to view the most up-to-date closure list.

The Parish “Highways Authority” also reserves the right to make changes to the programme if emergencies should arise.

There are works carried out to repair or improve the highway, including the road surface, footways, pavements, and street lighting. Work types may include: –

  1. Resurfacing;
  2. Pathing;
  3. Road Safety Scheme
  4. Traffic Calming Improvements
  5. Utility Services
  6. Scaffolding

The latest planned roadworks, closures and road safety improvements information for the Parish of St Saviour Road Network Report is available below;

StartingEndingLocationRoad statusApplicantPurpose
30.03.202317.08.2023Le Mont de la RosiereSafety zone & flashing lights. Parking on private land and emergency access. Signing only. L2 Jersey ScaffoldingScaffold part on private land & standards in gutter on road – Purpose of roofing works. 
29.05.202301.09.2023La Rue a la DameRoad closure, sewer lining work carried out on bus route will be undertaken as night worksGOJ Drainage Maintenance Foul Sewer Rehabilitation 
05.06.202309.08.2023La Rue de la GuilleaumerieWorks in junction signed, access will be made available for bus passing. Drain-ItSewer rehabilitation
31.07.202301.09.2023Stopford Road – St HelierLane reduced on Rue Le Masurier & reduced parking on Stopford RoadJEC
31.07.202303.08.2023Georgetown RoadExcavation, Pedestrian diversion-barriered passageway in walkway, bus stop suspendedJECService replacement & new services
10.07.202314.08.2023Elizabeth Street Emergency access onlyApex Scaffolding Scaffold for external decoration private property
14.08.202302.09.2023Bagatelle LaneTraffic flow reversed, emergency access, One way system reversed JECLV Main extension work.
07.08.202307.08.2023La RuetteRoad closure, emergency access, maximum two hours to pull new cable into property Jersey TelecomAccess to Joint Box to pull new cable to property.
End of Report

Pothole and other General Road Observations

Whether you notice a hole in the road, something that needs to be cleaned or repaired or spot a rare species of animal that we should know about, Love Jersey is the place to report it.

In order to subscribe, please visit the Love Jersey webpage

Love Jersey Reports completed by members of the public will be submitted to the Roads Maintenance Team of St Saviour.

We would welcome your feedback on the usefulness and accuracy of this information so that we can use this to refine our processes. Feedback can be provided via the ‘how are we doing’ tab on the side of the page