Jersey’s Recycle Week Event

Saturday 21 October between 11am and 2.30pm in the Royal Square

This event will celebrate the work that local businesses and community groups are doing in the circular economy space. The event will also highlight the importance of reusing materials by showcasing what is already going on in Jersey.

Have a look round the stands to see how you can get involved to reduce your waste.

•            Jersey’s Repair Cafes

•            Jersey Library’s bike library

•            Freer

•            Many Happy Returns

•            Cans for Corridors

•            The Repair

•            Rag Trade

•            Recycle for Philip’s Footprints

•            Borrow a bucket box

•            Jersey Sustainable Period Products Project

We will be providing seating arrangements, using furniture that has been taken from the Energy Recovery Facility. This event will highlight the alternatives to incineration, including Renting, repairing, donating, reusing, and recycling.

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