Help serve your community…

Become an Honorary Police officer for your Parish

What is the Honorary Police?
A voluntary Police service that has been part of Jersey for over four hundred years. It is the second oldest Police Force in the world.

Each Parish has its own Honorary Police Officers and their role is to maintain law and order within their Parish. Honorary Police Officers provide an essential service to the community and are an important part of Parish life.

Currently we require two Centeniers and a number of other officers. If we fail to elect Centeniers in the time set by the Royal Court the Parish may face a fine of £10,000 – a cost to all ratepayers in the Parish.

Your Parish Needs You!

Anyone can volunteer who:
• Lives in the Parish, and:
• Is aged 21 to 70, and
• Is of suitable character and ability
Officers come from all walks of life and many work full time.

What are the benefits of joining?

The Honorary Police is the most interesting and varied voluntary role in Jersey. There are many benefits in joining, including:
To you: Enhance your problem solving and decision-making skills.
To your employer or business: Your increased ability to lead, manage and perform under pressure.
To your community: Help those in need, keep people safe by preserving law and order.

What are the duties of an Honorary Police Officer?

Officers undertake foot and vehicle patrols, respond to emergencies, conduct licenced premises and curfew checks, search for missing persons and assist at major events and Royal visits. In St Saviour, officers also provide policing when required at SPECIAL EVENTS.

Is equipment and training provided?
Yes. You will be provided with full police uniform and a wide range of equipment. Training is mandatory. You will be trained in all general policing duties. Centeniers have additional training regarding Parish Hall
Enquiries, charging and presenting at Court.

How much time does it take?
During the duty week Centeniers have a duty telephone and are on call to attend incidents that occur in the Parish and to charge or appear at Court.

Other Officers are expected to provide up to 10 hours of time to patrol, assist with Parish Hall Enquiries and other events taking place during their duty week, typically during the evening. We are flexible recognising the importance of balancing family, work and police duties.

I’m interested, what is the next step?
To arrange an informal meeting please either call the Parish office on 735864 or email [email protected]

You can also express your interest in joining the Honorary Police via the recruitment website