Have you spotted an issue that needs reporting?

What is “Love Jersey”?

Love Jersey makes it easy to report anything that is unsightly, in need of cleaning or repair, or a potential problem. You can report anything from an overflowing bin to a dog foul on your walk to work. If something needs urgent attention, use the emergency contact numbers listed under local information on the app.

Benefits of Love Jersey

Reports in the past were often sent to the wrong team, delaying how quickly things could be rectified. Love Jersey now speeds this up and allows issues to be dealt with promptly and efficiently.

It shows you reports that are in the exact location, which saves you from reporting something that we already know about.

You also no longer need to know whether the road you’re standing on is taken care of by the States or the Parish. Love Jersey will do it all for you.

How can I access Love Jersey?

Love Jersey can be accessed through their website or on the go with the Love Clean Streets app for iOS and Android.