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Acceptance Criteria | Blue Bag only


It’s essential to be mindful of what you can and cannot recycle to ensure the effectiveness of our recycling program. Here’s a breakdown of what you can and cannot recycle:


  • Newspapers & supplements
  • Magazines
  • Books (we prefer you donate them)
  • Brochures and catalogues
  • White printing and computer paper
  • Letters & Stamps
  • Junk mail & flyers
  • Envelopes (including those with a window)
  • Greeting cards (remove batteries from musical cards)
  • Cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes, and corrugated cardboard (remove any polystyrene)
  • Delivery boxes
  • Egg boxes
  • Clean pizza boxes
  • Brown paper
  • Kitchen rolls (inner tube only)


  • Paper stained with foodstuffs, grease, paint, or dirt
  • Greaseproof or baking paper
  • Kids paintings
  • Hygiene and sanitary products e.g. nappies, wet wipes, sanitary towels, used paper towels, cotton wool & make-up pads
  • Non-paper gift wrap or bags e.g. crisp packets, sweet packets & foil based wrapping
  • Wrapping paper & gift wrap
  • Wallpaper & decoration paper
  • Tissues & tissue paper
  • Shredded paper (for now)
  • Food & drink cartons
  • Milk cartons
  • Polystyrene
  • Card with food or dirt on

This acceptance criteria is in line with the Government of Jersey’s accepted recyclables, more information including a Recycling A to Z can be found on here: Recycling finder (

Please ensure paper and card is clean & dry. Thank you for your commitment to recycling and helping us create a cleaner and greener environment. Your efforts make a significant difference

Parish of St Saviour Recycling Team

What happens if you put the wrong items in your bin? 

Everybody makes mistakes and we appreciate that, but it is really important that we only collect the correct items in the clear bag. If we don’t our processing partner cannot deal with it and it can damage other items meaning they cannot be recycled and ultimately costs us. 

We take a pro-active stance on reducing the wrong items in our scheme [contamination], this is done through stickers on BAGS.

Our collection crews reject and tag BAGS if they have the wrong items in, Bags will not be collected if they are not used correctly.

This is applied throughout the Parish and protects all residents who do their bit.