A Biofuel First for the Parish

At the Parish of St Saviour, we believe in leading by example and are proud to announce we have made the switch to 100% Renewable Diesel for our recycling trucks. We are the first Parish in the island to do so.

Our recycling division is part of our Parish’s commitment to make Jersey a greener place. As such, it seemed only right that the vehicles helping to reduce our harmful waste, also reduced their own impact on our local environment. This switch is inline with the Parish’s Carbon Neutrality Objectives 2021.

The Parish are delighted to have worked with Rubis in making the switch from traditional diesel to RD100.

RD100 is clear, odourless and is refined from 100% renewable sources such as vegetable oils, waste fats or used cooking oil. It has better combustion and cold temperature resistance, making it an ideal fuel for Jersey’s roads.

Constable le Sueur-Rennard said, ‘We are delighted to be the first Parish to use this revolutionary new fuel, and lead by example. Using RD100 can make an immediate positive difference to the local environment and is aligned with our commitment towards achieving carbon neutrality locally’.

For more information on renewable diesel, and the benefits to switching, visit: https://rubis-ci.co.uk/rd100.